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How To Remove Hard Water Marks From Brass

Whilst a lot of people think that hard water is the best way to remove really caked on debris, it can actually leave spots and flakes on the surface of any item it touches – including brass. This is because hard water has a higher concentration of magnesium and calcium than normal water. If you notice your brass fixtures and possessions developing spots and flaking from hard water, there is a way to remove it.

Begin by pouring a little white vinegar onto a clean cloth. Then, use the cloth to wipe down the brass items, focusing especially on the areas where hard water spots and flakes have occurred. You can then rinse the brass under some clean running water and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

To return the brass item to its usual lustrous appearance, take a lemon and cut it in half. Sprinkle some salt onto one of the halves, and use it to rub over the entire brass surface in a slow circular motion. You should notice the brass returning to its usual gleam and shine. Then, to finish, take a clean lint-free cloth and use it to buff the brass dry and remove any lemon or salt residue.

In the future, you should avoid using hard water to clean your brass items and fixtures, simply because it can cause unattractive spots and flaking that you will also need to clean off. If you accidentally use hard water again, don’t stress too much because you now know how to remove it.

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