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How To Properly Bend Sheet Aluminium

Many of the industries that utilize sheet aluminium in the production of their products have to bend and mould it into their desired shape; this process, whilst appearing to be difficult, is actually fairly simple once you know what you’re doing. If you are required to bend sheet aluminium for a personal or commercial project, you can follow the handy directions below:

Step 1: Securely clamp the sheet aluminium onto a workbench or other solid surface. If the metal is not secure, it will slide around whilst you are trying to cut it and could cause a serious accident.

Step 2: Place a straight edge on the area of the sheet aluminium that you want to fold, using a permanent marker to make a dot at each end of the straight edge (where it meets the metal). This will ensure that the line you fold is straight.

Step 3: Holding the straight edge down onto the sheet aluminium as securely as you can, take a razor blade and run it lightly along its length. Make sure that you do not cut all the way through the sheet; just enough to make a superficial abrasion that you can use as a folding guide.

Step 4: Take the sheet aluminium out of the clamp, holding it tightly at opposite ends. Slowly begin to bend the ends of the sheet towards one another, allowing the small abrasion that you made with the razor blade to give way (and to become the crease of the fold).

Continue to put pressure on the ends of the sheet aluminium until you have bent it to your desired angle. Remember to always wear gloves when undertaking this process, as the edge of the sheet is known to be quite sharp and can easily cut through skin.

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